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Acquisitions, Sales and Restructuring

Whether you’re acquiring a business, selling, or restructuring an existing business, our commercial legal team can provide the necessary specialist advice.

Acquisitions, Sales and Restructuring Lawyers, Hamilton & Strathaven

If you’re looking to buy an established business or considering new areas of business through merger or acquisition, we have the specialist knowledge and practical experience to advise you on all the myriad of aspects involved, including property matters, employment issues and contractual arrangements.

Reorganising your business

No matter the size of your business, or how successful it is, it must always be adaptable, because of many different factors, such as a change in market conditions or to meet the changing expectations of your clients. Our team of commercial lawyers can help you with your next business ventures, whether this is through acquisition, sale or restructuring, including: 

    Business mergers
    Buying a business
    Selling a business
    Making changes to ownership structures

When acquiring a business, we can protect against unacceptable risks by participating in due diligence and comprehensive documentation.


Are you considering an acquisition, sale, or a restructure?

Acquisitions, Sales and Restructuring Solicitors based in Hamilton & Strathaven, Lanarkshire

Why choose John Jackson & Dick?

Commercial solutions to help you make the right choices for your business.

We can provide expert guidance on all types of sales, acquisitions or restructuring exercises, including the sale or purchase of a business or the acquisition or disposal of shares in a limited company. In addition, we can also assist with management buyouts (MBOs) for existing management teams, or management buy-ins (MBIs) for new management teams wishing to take over the running of a business.
Our extensive experience in this complex area includes many different types of acquisitions, sales, and restructures, from small starter businesses to nationally known multi-million-pound deals. These transactions have involved many types of business, including:

    retail companies such as pharmacies, professional practices (veterinary, dental, surveyors and accountants);
    industrial companies involved in engineering, bio-technology, haulage, the motor dealerships and retail petrol stations;
    licensed trade businesses such as public houses, hotels, restaurants, off-sales and clubs; and
    property businesses, including property development.

Acquisitions, Sales and Restructuring Lawyers, Hamilton and Strathaven

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