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Employment Law

Employment law specialists with a wealth of knowledge to handle your employment issues.

Employment Lawyers, Hamilton and Strathaven

When employment disputes arise you need help and advice from solicitors who understand every aspect of employment law. We have, for example, written or modified employment contracts and employment handbooks and are highly experienced in all aspects of employment law.

Employment advice for employers and employees

Employment law becomes ever more complicated and, with it, many clients have access to specialist advisers appointed on a retainer basis, or through trade associations. Nevertheless, we are often asked for advice on employment matters both by employees and our employer clients and our employment law specialists can represent employees and employers:


Our employment law specialists provide expert advice to employees and individuals, by advising them in cases where an employer does not comply with the law and provide legal representation in contentious cases. 


Employers need advice to ensure that they comply with the laws on the formation and cessation of employee relationships such as defending claims, drafting and negotiating employment contracts and advising on HR policies. Importantly, we offer practical, commercial advice that is more than a narrow legal view.


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Employment Solicitors based in Hamilton & Strathaven, Lanarkshire

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Our employment law services

Our team can assist with disciplinary and grievance issues and other in- employment disputes such as bullying, harassment, discrimination and family-friendly rights. Post-termination issues can arise with restrictions on an employee’s future activity and whether they are enforceable. Other specific disputatious areas include, but are not limited to:
Redundancy: This is essentially a form of dismissal that may impact one or a number of employees. There is a legal framework that seeks to protect the rights of both employers and employees. There are some key steps that must be followed or may otherwise amount to unfair dismissal.

Settlement Agreements: these are agreements under which an employee concedes their employment related claims in return for an enhanced payment when their employment is terminated. Documentation needs to provide important protections.

Unfair Dismissal: we can help employers and employees resolve their issues around dismissal whether defending an allegation of unfair dismissal or ensuring a dismissal is fair.

Employment Tribunals: when a dispute between employer and employee cannot be resolved internally an employee is entitled to take the matter to a Tribunal. Our experienced litigators can represent clients at these Tribunals.