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Unfortunately, some businesses get into difficulties, and in such situations sometimes businessmen, often driven by sentiment and tradition, make poor decisions. Often, we are consulted too late and all we can offer is damage-mitigation advice, but sometimes, with the right advice at the right time, we can play an influential role in brokering deals with banks and key creditors which allow time for restructuring, or perhaps voluntary winding up, with much reduced liability on the owners. We are not insolvency practitioners, but we do work closely with accountants and insolvency practitioners to achieve practical solutions which minimise the pain on the parties involved.


We are often asked by our clients to revise, write or update standard Terms of Business and contracts for them, sometimes with variants for different types of services or products, and sometimes for use on website sales. Although such contracts end up being unique to each client and type of business, generally they contain the same basic elements - fitness for purpose, quality, specification and variations, delivery, pricing and payment, resolution of complaints and disputes, jurisdiction, limitation of damages, etc. We have prepared many such contracts - including for web-marketing sites, supply of specialist paints, supply of plant and servicing removal of specialist industrial waste, domestic glazing, etc.