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Succession Planning

We also advise on business succession planning, and have effected many share buy-back deals, allowing retiring owners to recover his/her/their investments while passing on the business to successors.

Owner-Director & Partnership Disputes

We have considerable experience of dealing with disputes among owner-directors and partners, and have negotiated solutions in many such delicate situations. Some of these are associated with matrimonial problems and are affected by the different principles of both family and commercial law, and we can advise on both.

Partnership, LLP & Company Shareholder Agreements, and Executive/Director Service Agreements

We have prepared many such agreements for a wide variety of businesses, from simple two-tradesmen firms up to substantial private limited companies with a mix of owner-directors and employee-directors. We can advise on and include provisions regulating many factors which may be applicable to specific circumstances, eg.specified, key decisions, restrictive covenants, expulsion in extreme circumstances, control of policies re dividends, directorsí loans, remuneration & pensions, voting.