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Hamilton Office
48 Cadzow Street,
Tel: 01698 281747

Strathaven Office
3 Bridge Street,
ML10 6AN
Tel: 01357 522959


We are in a customer service business, and we take the provision of a good service very seriously.

While we use technology, we recognise that it is a tool for providing client service, and should not get in the way of it. You will not find automated phone menus, nor a battle to get through to speak to a solicitor.

A key requirement of most clients is to be able to get hold of their solicitor reasonably easily. Our official office hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, but unlike many comparable practices, we do not switch off our phones at lunchtime or on the stroke of 5pm. If there is anybody in the office available to answer, we will do our best to answer your call. Solicitors are often involved at court or in meetings and are not free to take calls, but if we say we'll get back to you, we mean it!

Our key staff have constant access to e-mail and, quite often, will be contactable by transfer to mobile phones.


"A cracking little one always beats a giant unwieldy one"
CS, Company Director

"I can easily say you've been the best solicitor I've worked with over these last few years. You've been very helpful and I've learned an awful lot from you."
MC, Pension Property Administrator

"Excellent result - well done and thank you for your persistence...!"
DH, Solicitor on other side of agricultural land transaction

"For a lawyer, you communicate very clearly. Have you been on a course?"
SL, Company Director

"Please note that the overdraft facility is in place as of this afternoon and thanks again for your guidance in bringing the matter to a successful conclusion."
JC, Company Director

"Thank you as well for helping to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion"
EI, Solicitor on other side of hotel sale