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Divorce & Family Law

Sadly, domestic problems are a growing feature of modern society, and there is an increasing need for legal services. We have been handling work this type for many decades, and it is a substantial and important part of our practice. Matrimonial problems often require services not only in family law, but also in property law and, where a family business is involved, in commercial law. Within our practice we have the capability to handle all aspects.

Many matrimonial problems become very contentious. Sometimes, usually without justification, lawyers are blamed for causing that. In common with most lawyers, our approach will be sensitive and sympathetic, trying to achieve a fair, sensible result for our client so that the difficult experience can be consigned to the past, and that he or she (and affected family) can move on with life without unnecessary delay, distress and cost. Where that is what the client wants, we will use our experience and negotiating skills to try to bring about a satisfactory result as soon as practicable.

However, in some situations hostility or deception is such that worthwhile negotiations are impossible, at least until the parties have fought themselves to the point of exhaustion. There, our litigators will represent our clients vigorously to ensure that their interests are protected. In appropriate circumstances we can offer legal aid for this work.