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Welcome to John Jackson & Dick

Meet the team

Numerically, with only eight solicitors, we can’t pretend to be a big firm. At least, not in comparison to major national and international law firms with hundreds, if not thousands, of lawyers.

However, we learned law in the leading law faculties in Scotland, the same as partners of city firms. Without being complacent, from our frequent dealings with them we have no reason to feel inadequate. Several of us have worked for or had opportunities to work for city firms, but we deliberately chose to work in John Jackson & Dick rather than pursue careers in big firms. There is a lot to be said for quality of life, enduring personal connections with clients, and the varied, interesting matters which come before solicitors in smaller, general practices.

So, although we are small, we don’t think that way.

Remember LA Law, Boston Legal, Suits, or a multitude of other TV depictions of city law firms? The daily case conferences over coffee? Well we don’t have their glass-tower boardrooms with panoramic views, nor the designer suits, intrigue and back-biting. But…since the days of black & white, two channel TV, our solicitors have met daily over coffee to review current client and business matters, get second opinions, and bounce around ideas. It ensures we actually meet our colleagues often and have decent relationships with them. And guess what – management consultants often recommend exactly what we have been doing for over sixty years!

We constantly strive to be different from most provincial law firms of our size. Rightly, you would expect us to provide the all-round services expected of general practice law firms in Scotland - residential conveyancing, wills, trusts & executries, divorce & family law, civil court, etc. – but we have long had an extra dimension in providing company and commercial law services at a level normally only available from much larger city firms. We transact constantly with major corporate law firms, and have to ensure that our expertise, quality and speed of service, and technology measure up to theirs.

As one long-standing commercial client, transacting a major share deal, recently remarked “A cracking little one always beats a giant unwieldy one.” We do try, very hard!

Recent appointments have broadened our range, so that, probably uniquely in our area, we now have considerable expertise in planning law and large scale public-private contracts. Our principal litigator had many years of experience as an Advocate before changing to the solicitor branch of the profession, becoming one of only two Civil Solicitor Advocates practising in South Lanarkshire. He is qualified to appear personally for our clients in the Court of Session, and has strengthened our ability in commercial litigation, employment and criminal law, and brought considerable experience of accident claims.

Meet the team Standing (L-R) Jonathan Findlay, Kenneth Miller and John Gildea
Sitting (L-R) Euan Stirrat, Pauline Milligan and Charles Bow

Buying and selling businesses, companies and commercial properties, and advising our commercial clients on their varied problems, is a large part of our business. For many decades, we have acted for numerous substantial, successful companies and owner-managed businesses. They demand, and we provide, quality service, good communications and accessibility, sound technical law without unnecessary over-complication, and practical, commercial thinking.

The same thorough, progressive approach and standards are applied when advising and representing private clients. Since foundation in 1933 from the merger of two much older firms, we have earned, and work hard to retain, a reputation which is envied by many other law firms in our area. Like any business, we have to be competitive on fees, but our objectives are quality of advice and service, not bucket-shop fees and standards. Our guiding principle on feeing is “fair both to us and to our clients”.

Our aim is to provide the best advice and service for our clients. Most of our new clients come to us by recommendation, from existing clients and from other professionals such as accountants and reputable independent financial advisers. Frequently, other solicitors refer their clients to us to deal with matters which are outwith their comfort-zone.

People buying and selling houses will rarely be recommended to us by estate agents, mortgage brokers and the like. That’s because, unlike some firms, we abide by the Law Society rule You shall not share with any unqualified person any profits or fees or fee derived from any business transacted by you of a kind which is commonly carried on by regulated persons (eg. solicitors) in Scotland in the course of or in connection with their practice”. We never pay “introduction fees” or similar inducements to agents. We value our independence, so that we are free to give our clients the best, objective advice, uncompromised by an obligation to a referring party.

We keep our technology very up-to-date and encourage training and specialisation to ensure we provide quality advice and service. Our phones are answered whenever there are staff in the offices, usually a lot longer than 9 to 5. No automated menus!

Our range of services is wide, sufficient for most private clients and fairly substantial businesses. On the rare occasions we cannot handle something, we can usually arrange for a specialist to advise direct or work with us. You will find more information on other pages.

We hope that you'll find our approach to be relaxed and friendly, with an emphasis on accessibility to our Directors and senior solicitors, and good communications with our clients, but at the same time competent and professional.