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Residential Conveyancing

Since 1933, our firm has been one of the principal house conveyancing firms in Lanarkshire. Clients return to us again and again for their house purchases and sales, knowing that we have a reputation for providing a consistent, thorough, quality service, and that we will be available for many years ahead to provide an after-sales service if the need arises.

Over the years, we have seen numerous firms try to establish themselves by offering conveyancing services at loss-leader fees. Many have disappeared after a few years, some leaving a trail of disciplinary and financial problems, and their clients abandoned to deal with problems which can emerge years later. Being at the other end of their transactions, we see the methods of many volume conveyancers, and their quality of work, service and legal expertise. We decided i not to emulate them.

There is nothing old-fashioned about our service. We use advanced technology to streamline the administrative processes involved in transactions. However, there is no substitute for legal knowledge and experience to address, or better still, anticipate and avoid, the complications which crop up unexpectedly in a fair proportion of transactions.

In handling sales, we work with any estate agent selected by our client although, for most, we believe that we are able to provide a better service where we work in co-ordination with our own estate agency department. We have always remained independent of the large estate agency chains, because reliance on them for referrals of work (as many firms do) can compromise the ability of a solicitor to provide independent advice to clients.

While some parts of transactions are handled by experienced paralegals, one of senior solicitors always has some direct involvement, supervises and is in overall charge of the transaction, and is contactable by our client as and when the need arises.

As in all areas of our work, we aim to charge fees at a level which is competitive but not loss-leading, and which offers good value to clients for the service provided, fair to them and to us.