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Commercial Legal Services

Within Lanarkshire, we are recognised as one of the principal commercial law practices, with the expertise and resources to transact with major city practices. Corporate transactions are notorious for being conducted at unsocial hours. Business settlements are often driven by commercial or tax deadlines, and we always strive to meet those, recognising that delays on legal problems can have substantial implications for our clients’ businesses.

We constantly attract new commercial clients, and are regularly asked by local solicitors and accountants to handle one-off transactions for their clients.

Although we are not a big firm, for many years we acted for several companies who had grown to be ranked highly among lists of indigenous Scottish businesses. Few firms of our size would have even one such client. In recent years we have played major parts in the takeovers of two of them by very much larger companies - transactions valued in tens of millions - and we continue to handle business for the former proprietors and their new business ventures.

Long ago, we recognised that clients of that calibre would require ever-more specialist legal advice, and we developed our expertise in anticipation of their needs. Our experience has benefitted many other commercial clients. We have successfully implemented many major transactions which would be regarded as being within the province of large city firms and we have often become involved in contracts and deals with businesses based in England, and occasionally in Europe. For the most part, we have implemented such transactions without having to appoint additional specialist advisers, but on very large transactions, or those involving foreign jurisdictions or complex tax mitigation measures, after consultation with our clients we have engaged specialist advisers to work with us.